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Caddock MP930 Series Resistors

Examples of Caddock MP930 series resistors

Caddock MP930 series dimensions

Caddock MP930 Kool-Pak® power resistor series is part of their MP900 family. These resistors offer heat sink mountable design utilising exposed ceramic heat dissipating mounting surface, custom resistance values in the range between 0.02Ω and 4.99kΩ and tolerance options of ±1.0% (applicable to resistance values above 0.05Ω), ±5.0% or ±20.0%, all in a standard TO-220 through-hole package. The list of standard resistance values, often available from stock, is available on the datasheet. The MP930 series features power rating of up to 30W at +25°C (case temperature derated to zero at +150°C), non-inductive design and are suitable for operation in temperatures of up to 150°C. These resistors are made utilising Caddock’s own Micronox® resistance film fired onto a flat ceramic surface.

  • Low-cost, Kool-Pak® power film resistor
  • Through-hole mounting
  • Heat sink mountable, with exposed ceramic heat dissipating mounting surface
  • Standard and Custom resistance values between 0.02Ω and 4.99kΩ
  • Non-inductive design
  • TCR of 0 to +300 ppm/°C (between 0.02Ω and 0.049Ω), 0 to +200 ppm/°C (between 0.05Ω and 0.49Ω) and -20 to +80 ppm/°C (from 0.5Ω and above)
  • Tolerance of ±5.0% from 0.02Ω up to 0.04Ω and ±1.0% from 0.05Ω and above (±5.0% and ±20.0% are available for most resistance values)
  • Power rating of up to 30W at +25°C (case temperature derated to zero at +150°C)
  • Maximum voltage 250V
  • Maximum temperature 150°C

Any resistance value within the given range is available made-to-order, however at Rhopoint Components, we stock or offer short lead times on some of the most popular models to accommodate fast delivery. Examples can be seen in the table below.

Resistance Value Tolerance TCR Power Package
MP930-3.00-1% 1% -20 to +80 ppm/°C 30W TO-220
MP930-47.0-1% 47Ω 1% -20 to +80 ppm/°C 30W TO-220
MP930-100-1% 100Ω 1% -20 to +80 ppm/°C 30W TO-220
MP930-1.00K-1% 1kΩ 1% -20 to +80 ppm/°C 30W TO-220
MP930-1.50K-1% 1.5kΩ 1% -20 to +80 ppm/°C 30W TO-220

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