About Rhopoint Instruments GmbH

Rhopoint Instruments GmbH offers dedicated sales and service support to customers located in Germany and the surrounding European countries for the product range manufactured by Rhopoint Instruments.


Gloss measuring instruments for flat or curved surfaces

Haze & DOI

Reflectance haze and orange peel measurement


Transmission haze and imaging transmission

Shade & Opacity

Shade (greyscale) and opacity of coatings or films


Viscosity flow cups to international standards


Coalescence point of emulsions and adhesives

Packaging & Test

Quality control test instruments for the packaging industry sector


Close up photo of the front of a blue car


Rhopoint offers an extensive range of products for measuring visual appearance for the automotive industry sector which can be used at all stages of the process from substrate – e coat – top coat.  Assessed parameters haze, gloss, DOI, waviness and detailed defect analysis / profiling.

Measurement of interior trim to ensure consistency throughout the vehicle can be controlled to the tightest of tolerances.

Numerous open paint tins filled with different shades of blue paint


Coatings Research and QC Laboratories have trusted Rhopoint test instruments for many years. The Rhopoint MFFT is used by research laboratories of almost every multinational coatings producers. The Novo-Gloss range of glossmeters have been manufactured by Rhopoint since 1986 and have established a reputation for excellence in accuracy, reliability and simplicity of use.
Photo of the camera and flash on the back of a smart phone

Consumer Electronic Devices

Visual appearance is of paramount importance for consumer applications such as mobile phones and tablet PCs. In the mind of the consumer, perfect reflected image quality is synonymous with a premium product. Rhopoint IQ products are trusted by premium manufacturers to deliver the correct results for these applications.
Carton Board

Quality control test instruments for improving packaging speeds.

Measure carton crease and board stiffness, whole carton opening force and experiment to find the correct crease profile with the carton crease proofer.

Sample preparation of individual creases and whole cartons for testing.

Packaged Peppers in crates

Measure the transmission haze and imaging transmission of food packaging.

The Rhopoint ID measures non-contact appearance – A measurement of the appearance of an object viewed through a material with an air gap between the two.

Reel of Plastic film

Test instruments for the repeatable measurement of thickness, friction and shrink properties of plastic film.

Accurate control of these parameters can lead to a reduction in raw material costs.

Visual control of haze and rub resistance of materials.

Packaging being printed

Test instruments for measuring the visual properties of printed materials such as rub and abrasion testing and gloss measurement.

Measurement of friction properties of printed film or paper.


As well as calibrating your glossmeter on its own reference gloss tile before use, your glossmeter and its tile need to be calibrated yearly by a Rhopoint Approved Service Agent.

This ensures their accuracy, giving you full confidence that your product is performing correctly and that measurements are up-to-date with the best available reference data and compliant to current industry standards.

Rhopoint Instruments GmbH offer the full range of Rhopoint Instruments Ltd products including gloss meters for measuring how shiny a surface is, gloss-haze-DOI meters for measuring orange peel and fine surface texture, as well as quality control test instruments from our Hanatek brand.



It is important for premier yacht consulting companies such as Safinah to have confidence that the equipment they use. Safinah have confidence in measurements made with the Rhopoint IQ