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About Rhopoint Holdings

The history of the Rhopoint Group

About the name

Rhopoint was founded in 1975 to support electronic design engineers with product development by establishing a portfolio of precision resistors.

The Greek letter – ρ (pronounced rho) – is commonly used as the symbol to represent electrical resistivity – (the fundamental property of a material that quantifies how strongly it resists or conducts electrical current).

Point – in the context of measurement – point is defined as; – a definite measurable position in a scale – thereby signifying precision.

Hence the company was named Rhopoint to highlight our competence in the ever evolving world of precision resistors.

Incidentally, the first product to be sold by Rhopoint in 1975 was a high-precision wire-wound resistor from General Resistance, Connecticut. These products still represent part of Rhopoint’s portfolio today, over 40 years later!

The Rho symbol, Resistivity and Resistance Equations along with a resistor image in 4 coloured hexagons

Rhopoint hierarchy

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Within the field of Test and Measurement, Rhopoint is a group of companies specialising in the design, manufacture, distribution, service and calibration of high precision products into niche markets, globally.

Rhopoint throughout the years

A timeline of our company history

1975 - The birth of Rhopoint

Rhopoint Ltd. is established as a distributor of precision electronic components and was based in Oxted, Surrey.

1986 - Rhopoint Instrumentation

Rhopoint Ltd. acquires their customer Startronic – a manufacturer of testing products for the Paint & Coatings industry. Startronic is renamed Rhopoint Instrumentation Ltd. and was based in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex.

1990 - ISO 9001 accreditation

Rhopoint Instrumentation Ltd gains ISO 9001 certification.

1994 - ISO 9001 accreditation

Rhopoint Ltd gains ISO 9001 certification.

1997 - Rhopoint Components

Rhopoint Ltd is renamed Rhopoint Components Ltd.

2005 – Retirement and MBO

The founders retire and the two businesses are sold to the management team.

The business is restructured into a new group comprising a holding company and two trading subsidiaries Rhopoint Components and (renamed) Rhopoint Instruments.

Rhopoint Instruments building
Haxagon images showing Compoennts, PCB testing, paint consistency and analysis

2006 - Rhopoint Nordic

In order to support the customers for Rhopoint Components in the Nordic region, a regional sales office was opened in Vallensbaek, Denmark.

2006 - Hanatek

To further strengthen their position in the flexible packaging market, Rhopoint Instruments acquires Hanatek, manufacturer of test instruments for the packaging industry, established in 1992.

2010 - Rhopoint Sourcing

Established in 2010 to provide an array of procurement services to compliment Rhopoint Components business, Rhopoint Sourcing support customers by securing supplies of obsolete, end of life and otherwise hard to find electronic components.

2011 - Rhopoint Energy

Rhopoint Energy, a brand of Rhopoint Components is created, providing a wide range of industry-specific components, connectors and sensors to the oil & gas, subsea and renewables industries.

2012 - Micron Metrology

Rhopoint Holdings acquires Birmingham based Micron Metrology, a specialist provider of UKAS accredited calibration services.  Micron Metrology is later rebranded to become Rhopoint Metrology.

2017 - Brunel Metrology

Following the successful integration of Rhopoint Metrology into the Rhopoint Group, this was quickly followed by the acquisition of Brunel Metrology, a long-established calibration services provider.  This acquisition provided Rhopoint Metrology with a second laboratory based in Bristol.

2020 - Novatron Scientific

Rhopoint Metrology acquire Novatron Scientific, specialist provider of laboratory and onsite UKAS calibration services based in Horsham, West Sussex specialising in the disciplines of relative humidity and temperature.

2022 - Rhopoint Komponenten

To better support our customers within Germany, Austria & Switzerland, Rhopoint Komponenten GmbH was founded, providing local specialist support and distribution of select product lines from our warehouse in Gaukönigshofen, Germany.

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