About Rhopoint Americas

Rhopoint Americas offers dedicated sales and service support to customers located in North, Central and South Americas for the product range manufactured by Rhopoint Instruments.


Rhopoint products are trusted by customers in many industry sectors where it is necessary to replace visual assessment of a surface with qualitative measurements.

Multi colored Paint cans

Paintings and coatings

Almost all Rhopoint Instruments can be used by this industry sector including gloss, haze, orange peel, viscosity and MFFT measurements.

For paint defect analysis we have our Optimap PSD to measure overspray, inclusions, blistering, sagging, fish eyes and other coatings defects.

Front Wheel arch and lights of several new cars


Rhopoint offers instrumentation that measures gloss, haze and DOI of automotive surfaces.

The Optimap PSD maps and measures surface finish and provides detection and characterisation of common surface irregularities including defects and waviness.

Polished Concrete example

Polished Concrete

Measure the reflected image quality of a polished concrete surface using the Rhopoint Concrete Clarity Meter (CCM).  This instrument makes measurements of DOI in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Concrete Polishing Council (American Society of Concrete Contractors).


Products range from glossmeters for measuring how shiny a surface is, to gloss-haze-DOI meters for measuring orange peel and fine surface texture, through to the Optimap PSD for mapping surface finish and quantifying surface defects on low to high gloss surfaces.


As well as calibrating your glossmeter on its own reference gloss tile before use, your glossmeter and its tile need to be calibrated yearly by a Rhopoint Approved Service Agent. 

This ensures their accuracy, giving you full confidence that your product is performing correctly and that measurements are up-to-date with the best available reference data and compliant to current industry standards.

Rhopoint Americas is the only Factory Authorized Service Center for North America.

Rhopoint Americas is a member of the Powder Coating Institute

"Functionality 10/10 based on the fact I can't think of any features I need that are not incorporated in the Rhopoint IQ"