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Rhopoint Components is pleased to announce that it is now an authorised distributor for Cissoid in the UK

Cissoid manufactures high temperature and extended life semiconductors. Products include linear voltage regulators, DC-DC convertors, gate and motor drivers, amplifiers and timers, with operating temperatures of up to +225°C





Rhopoint Components is pleased to introduce – American Sensor Technologies

AST is a US manufacturer of sensors, transducers and related instrumentation designed to monitor pressure, differential pressure, liquid level and displacement.





Introducing – Merit Sensor

Merit Sensor – designs and produces reliable, high-yield piezoresistive pressure sensor solutions for a variety of applications and industries.





Introducing the MPP and MQP series of Ultra High Precision ‘Z’ Foil Moulded Surface Mount Resistors

These resistors exhibit excellent high frequency characteristics Metal foil element gives a highly stable low TC together with a long term stability of 50ppm/year. The element is mechanically isolated from the contact terminations.
Available in two sizes, MPP and MQP.

  • 30Ω to 20KΩ (MPP)
  • 30Ω to 40KΩ (MQP)
  • ±0.01% tolerance available
  • 0.05ppm/°C (typ.) temperature co-efficient (0°C to +60°C )
  • Long-term stability 50ppm per year.



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